Monday, September 24, 2012

How to remove all repositories using zypper

If you need to remove all repositories, use this command:

zypper repos | grep Yes | cut -f3 -d '|' | sed -e "s/ //" | awk '{print "zypper rr " $1}' | bash

I would suggest first to try to see the output of the command without the last bash:

zypper repos | grep Yes | cut -f3 -d '|' | sed -e "s/ //" | awk '{print "zypper rr " $1}'


  1. This was helpful, thanks. Not sure why there isn't a zypper option to do this already.

    1. Sure, I am glad it was useful for you

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  3. In SLES 15, the addon repositories you select during installation will be automatically added to the OS repository list. I wanted to remove these repositories all at once, but looks like the Aliases contain spaces. So this neat command fails. I was unable to put quotes around the awk output. So here is what I came up with:

    for i in $(seq $(($(zypper lr | wc -l)-4))); do zypper rr 1; done